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A little bit late


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I'm really stupid...I started writing here and never introduced myself :lol:

Anyway...as you can see from the flag I'm Italian...and a Coldplay fan since 2000...yep, they were almost unknow here at that time, but could I resist to "Yellow" :P


Luckly this year I've been able to see them live twice, but obviously my dream is to see them in London...what else to add...uhmmm, oh yes, Coldplay are good but a big, big, big part of my heart is for U2..I would say they are uncomparable, but the most important thing is that Coldplay are just behind them in my personal band chart :lol: :lol: , especially after the show I've been to in Milan..let's sing all together


[glow=#88ff00:a26c7a55d2]Lights will guide you home

and ignite your bones

and I will try to fix you[/glow:a26c7a55d2]


we literally overwhelmed Chris' voice :rolleyes:

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@Ryujiki, it's not a problem if you don't sing well during a concert, 'cause if you sum up all the people singing the result will be fine anyway...the most important thing is that anyone should the song :lol:


@Anna18, thanks for saying this ;)


@all the others...well thanks for your posts..I definitely will have a very good time here :cool:

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