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Colleges in the UK


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Hello everyone, i am an american and am looking to attend college somewhere in the UK. i was wondering if people could tell me some good ones to attend. cause being an Ugly American i only know Oxford and Cambridge. haha. but i am preferably looking for a lesser expensive college. like a middle class family child would attend. if anyone could help me out that would be great


Sorry for generalities and ignorance of culture.


thanks, Ryan

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Manchester isnt a bad place but Newcastle is much better. There's 2 uni's here.


You're in Newcastle? Grats for you :P Toon Army :D


I'll probably go to Uni here aswell when I get around to it. Northumbria and Newcastle, and then there's Sunderland and Teeside a lil while away.

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I started at Durham in October and it's ace. Its such a beautiful place and it has the bonus of being in the North and so is quite cheap.


Avoid Preston (UCLAN) unless you're doing Journalism or Computers, though it has a good night life, it's where I lived before Durham

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