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sorry i've been gone for so long :( ...i've been feeling so bad :oops: ...i just got over a sinus infection...ugh :oops: it was terrible, but now i'm all good :D ...i just never felt like getting out of bed so thats why i never came here...wow i never knew that all you ppl actually cared about me :lol: ...now that i know i guess i can say thanks..when i first came here i noticed my name in one of the threads in general and at first i never expected any of this..well you'll be seeing my name more often again because i'm back....only if the weather doesnt change again :shock: 8)

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Maybe she's at Guy's place right now and he doesn't have a computer...?! :shock:


don't say things like that! you'll make her faint again when she reads them :shock:

yeah i was at Guy's house all this time...damn but i had to come back*wink wink*.....oh dont worry about me fainting anymore.....next time i go i'm gonna have to get that boy a computer.
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hahah this thread is an elaborate trap to lure you in and eat you up! Don't do it!! :P
it's kind of hard not coming into a thread where your name is posted in all caps....but it was worth looking at what everyone had to say about me.....at first it made me laugh...then i was just like awwww....gee thanks....hehe 8)
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Wow, so many posts! You definitely made up for the last days when you couldn't be here... :wink: I'm sorry to hear you've been so bad! Is the infection gone now? I hope so...

And yes, you SHOULD buy a computer for Guy - this can't be happening again... 8)

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