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hmmm.......i guess the beer gets better? 8) ....well by the time i actually noticed i reached a 1000 it was too late :x ...so i dedicate this one to him :D ...it will change in like a couple of seconds anyways......but i am gonna change my avatar....i just hope i can find a good one that would please me. :)

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Guiness - blllaaarrrrggghhhh! :shock: BAD MEMORIES


Me and my sister were trying to stop our boyfriends from drinking any more at the end of the night cos they had already had a vomiting competition outside the pub we were in and at last orders they got in 4 pints of guiness extra cold and a round of Blow Jobs (Dooleys and whipped cream - yum!). So me and wor sis had a "who can down a guiness fastest before suffering from acute brain freeze first "competition, and then we downed our Blow Jobs.


Er....needless to say I lost badly but my (now ex) boyfriend managed to stay awake till we got home at least.


Useless information but I've typed it now so I am going to post it. :D

Can I have alcopops when I get to 1000 please Ian????!!!!! :wink:


Woo hoo to Ginger!!!! Way to go!!!!

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Don't worry' date=' guys! I bet she's fine. Maybe Guy still hasn't got a computer so she can't post there. :wink:[/quote']*fell out of the chair laughing*


haha i wish....remember i said i would buy him one :wink:

but anyways i'll say this again even though i put it in other threads...and i'm pretty sure you'll see it

i went to spend some time staying at my parents house....well i'm still here and for a week they banned me from the computer....now they let me back on and i'm soooo happy!! 8)

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Welcome back then, hun! We missed you! And please tell me: Why did your parents keep you from the computer?? :shock:

And how's Guy? :wink: Ah well, I can ask him that myself next Wednesday...

well because i'm here at there house and they dont like me on it....oh yeah btw Guy....he fine hahaha well yeah he is fine 8) ...yeah you better talk about me when you see him...hehe 8) :lol:
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as in souvenir i mean like pictures


i hate when we cant edit our post....i see i also mispelled there i meant to put "...because i'm at their house..."


How come? Because the post is too old?

And I will try to take some pics if that's possible, promised! :wink:

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