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I caught Guy's camera at Tampa!!


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I posted this on the colpdplay.com message board, but figured I'd post it here too.


Oh my god, last night was awesome. I got to the amp at 4pm, and there were people waiting there already. Apparently some people had been there since 9AM. They opened up the parking lot early because there was a gun show that day. I got premier parking, which was a waste, because I had to park on the other side of the amp, and then walk all the way around to the regular parking lot because thats where you had to wait for the doors to open. The only thing, is that there was no line. There were people just sitting down and standing up all spread out. I waited around with my sister, and talked to some people. Around 6:10, they let us in, but again there wasnt a line, so about 1000+ people all at once just started running towards the gate. I thought there was going to be a stampede. Me and my sis got in, got our wristbands, and went into the pit. The rail was pretty much filled up with people, except on the right side, so me and my sis went there. It seemed like it wasnt a very good spot, but I went to the orlando concert and I remembered that chris hung out on the right side a lot.


The concert started, we watched fiona apple, which was interesting. She brought her grandma and said, "my grandma is here tonight. She's 95....and hot as fuck!" I laughed. Fiona ended, and me and my sis waited around while the pit got filled up. We soon realized we had a really good spot. The rail was nice to lean up against. Chris then came on, and gave us the roses, and said sorry for cancelling the sept concert. It was very nice of him. Then about 5 min later, they all came out. The concert was great. I know there have been a lot of complaints about the sound, but for me, it was great. I spent a lot of money on these pit tickets, and they were worth every penny I saved up. Chris fell during In my place, which was so funny, but also scary at the same time. I felt my heart drop thinking, "oh god, he's hurt, please dont say you broke something." He got up, and said his leg hurt, but he soon got over it. I got some really good pictures and I'll put them up soon.


Anyway, after the scientist, they got the disposable cameras and started taking pics. I think they gave out 4 this time, but I'm not sure. Guy came over to my side of the pit, and I was screaming his name the whole time. He took some pics of the crowd, and then saw me. I was the only one screaming his name. I was jumping and yelling. He looked at me as if to say, "calm down my son, the camera...tis yours now." Then he lightly tossed it to me. He tossed it, knowing that I would get it. It wasnt a random throw. He wanted me to have it, lol. This sounds so gay, but thats really how I felt. I screamed like a little girl. I went nuts. Everyone around me was giving me a high five. I was so excited. I will forever love guy for this glorious day. The concert continued, and every song was top notch. Fix you was great....because they brought the lightbulb back!! They didnt do it at the orldando concert.


Oh and also, when I first got to the pit, one of the security guys had a piece of paper next to him. He looked at it and threw it on the ground again. I asked him, "hey, is that a setlist?" He said, "I dont know." Then he reached for it, and gave it to me saying, "Is that what it is?" I said yes, and then he let me have it. Its funny though, because on the top of the setlist it says OKLAHOMA. I guess its a setlist from the oklahoma city show, lol. Weird. Anyway, it was the best night of my life. Thank you coldplay for a great night. I'll have the pics developed tonight, and try to put them on.

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Omg you actually caught his camera! Post piccies post piccies! Funny, weren't you the one asking about the best way to get a cam a few weeks ago? So glad it all worked out!


Tampa was good but nowhere as great as Orlando. The crowd wasn't as hyped and basically most people would only stand up for the singles. That always irrates me, but...moving on. It was during Speed of Sound that Chris fell no? And I think he hurt himself a bit..but he was a great about it, saying something like "If we had to cancel again it would've been such a disaster!" afterwards. That Chris.. I'm glad they get to rest now.


The set was the same as Orlando


1 Square One

2 Politik

3 Yellow

4 Speed of Sound

5 God Put A Smile On Your face

6 X&Y

7 How You See The World No.2

8 Don't Panic

9 White Shadows

10 The Scientist

11 'Til Kingdom Come

12 Ring of Fire

13 Trouble

14 Clocks

15 Talk

16 Swallowed In The Sea

17 In My Place

18 Fix You


I'm guessing Jonny will be singing lead during Don't Panic from now on? He did yesterday and on Saturday! It's cute because it seems like he gets a bit nervous!

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Yea that was me who had the whole thread about the different strategies in order to get a camera, lol. It worked! Yea, it was during speed of sound, near the end of the song. I dont know why I said In my place, lol. I think for Orlando, the crowd was better, but overall I had a better time in Tampa. I was closer, and I didnt pay attention to anyone else around me really. I think if I was further back I would have noticed that a lot of people werent into it, but because I was right up front, I didnt notice.

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I was at this concert...and in the pit too. Actually i was probably only like 3 feet away from you...heh what a small world.

My two friends and I got the spot about where the barrier turned to the right. So we were basically right in front of Chris the whole time. Chris took a direct picture of my face, threw his camera out, and my friend fought this lady over it...but her husband helped her...and she got it. Then in talk, Chris was soooo close to taking my friends phone...but the chick next to him got that too. It wasn't a total loss tho, becuase we got Chris' yellow tape around his finger.

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Haha one of my favorite parts of the concert was during Yellow when the balloon exploded on one of the speakers right in front of Chris and the confetti completed covered him. And the other balloon came on stage and Chris wacked it with his guitar and it exploded. Also, I liked it when Jonny, Chris, and Guy all switched spots on stage. It's a nice little change...especially when you want to see your favorite guitarist :)

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I caught Jonny's Camera at the San Jose show on Feb. 1 and he did the same..looked at me and tossed it to me. I was in one of the pics Jonny took and I got 2 pics from backstage that Jonny took. One of Guy and one of Will reading.

I posted pics of it here and at the coldplay forum.

Best night of my adult life!

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HERE ARE THE PICS!!! None of them backstage though. Thats ok though. I am the guy with the yellow hand coldplay t-shirt with my arms out. There also seems to be a pic of the schedule that the band had that day.




Wow you were really close to me...I was a couple of feet to the left of you...that huge security dude was about a foot to my right.

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