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London Mp3 (Forum)....please...


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Hey Everyone


21/m/USA, just letting you know how much I love this forum! I love Coldplay and have been so happy with everything I find on this site! Keep up the good work...


Question: Although I have a good decent amount of mp3's that are floating around the internet, I would love to know if anyone can please help me find mp3s for the Live London (Forum) show, I believe its Aug. 29th....if so, please email me at "[email protected]" I really really would love to have the Austrailia show which sometimes shows up online...anyone who can help, thanks so much :)


Or any other live sites (besides the ones already on this forum, i got those )....please let me know! I'll start hosting the ones I have too ASAP


Hope to hear from you! Thanks!




(sorry for the repost :) )

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