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Hyrulian Hero

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Hi! I am Hyrulian Hero, aka, HH, Double H, or Hero. Obviously, I like the Legend of Zelda. Ummmm.......I like to play the guitar and piano, watch animes, hike, and ride bikes. Unfortunately, I am cursed and immediately pop the tube of any bike I touch. I also like photography, and want to be one when I .......... *doesn't want to say "grow up"*....... when I can. I'm in love (Yay:D )! You may or may not know her, I'm not telling unless she wants me to.


I live in Texas, The United States of America, North America, Earth, Milky Way, Universe. No, I'm not a cowboy and don't ride horses or bulls, so don't ask. For the most part, I'm a nice, good, and friendly, but can be very evil at times, so watch your back. :sneaky:

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hi!!! it's me chris lover!!!:)


hi, hyrulian hero!!! :)


how r u :)


who is this girl you keep mentioning? and saying that u love her???:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:





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Now what fun is a romance is you go about telling everyone about it? Its better just to say that you're in love and keep the rest between the two people. But like I said' date=' you may, or may not know her.[/quote']




Well can you just tell us,since you are a newbie!!!!!


No playing little games please!! :nice:

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Yes, It has her first name, but that doesn't mean anything. I doubt that anyone here would know her by that if they knew her. And I'm not playing games, its just personal, thats all. :curtain: However, I don't mind if you all know, but she wants it to be a secret.

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