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Chris' Sunglasses??


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I really like the sunglasses Chris was wearing in the Hardest Part video!!I think they are called "Aviator Sunglasses".I was wondering what brand those were.They are probably made by some designer.Was wondering if anyone knows.Anyways im gonna try and find some similar ones!



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yah those are aviators, kinda modified cuz the lenses aren't as ovally as I have seen others. I have no idea on the brand, you wouldnt be able to tell unless you got a good look at the legs. but ray bans has some good ones and they arent that expensive

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can anybody tell me..


why there is a 84 years old woman doing tricks over there?


and that's mean "hardest part"?


i don't really understand what they want to express,,


but the video is fresh..coldplay no longer wear the whole suit of black uniform when playing the songs..,,. seems like summer look

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