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Electrical Storm

Sweet One

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i feel the same way about u2.....but i always thougth their older stuff was always better i could never get into the recent stuff....noooo. but for me i'm not gonna buy the greatest hits....maybe my dad will so i wont bother.

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Does anybody else like this song?? Some of my friends hate it, but why? I like it...anyways, did anyone see the video :shock: wow....Larry Mullen Jr...who knew?


That's it..

I love the song, love the video. Larry :shock: That video drove me crazy the first few times I saw it. WOW! That should have been me in the video.
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Ooooh U2!!


I'm happy to see a U2 thread here :) Probably my nick already gave me away LOL I've been a U2 fan for 13 years now.


ES is a great song, was supposed to be an aftermath of NY 9/11, but it turned out to be a love song. And it's beautiful! heart.gif

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