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in my opinion, this is worth it's own thread


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Guy wore this shirt last night. I could have died! I guess he wears it lots' date=' but I got to see it live! Oh lord...it was magic :) That sweaty sweaty magic...[/quote']



hehe i bet it was just great!! he wore this grey shirt when i saw them live for the first time and he had his short hair back then and my god it looked yum wet sweaty shirt and sweaty face couldnt help day dreaming stuff lol

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He must really like his black button-downs..hahahaah...man, he does look good though..


"sweaty sweaty magic" made me laugh my ass off!! :lol:


it may be funny, but so so very true :)

i was absolutely starstruck :)

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same shirt :)




MMMM hes got a bit hair on his chest!! l think thats SOOOOO SEXY :o:o:o good god!!!





euhm you only just noticed? it is sexy yeah my boyfriend has a lil bit of chest hair too hehe its so sexy :D


haha! how akward?? first you said 2 posts up...that it looked bad on guys??? and now youre saying its sexy :shock: strange.



um....of course, I DIDNT SAY lol l thought it looked on EVERY GUY IN THE WORLD...l just said it looked good on hotties like him...and l didnt say they had to be Gorillahair :P l said...just alittle... :lol:

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Sweat is very good!! He better not smell though..haha :D


I am willing to bet that hunky Guy is not a smelly Guy :)

Yah, I too like the chest hair...it's very masculine and sexy...kind of like that wild mop he has on his head :) and the scruffy beard...and the tight pants..drooooooolllllllll...


Oh lord...it's horrid :) My fiance finds my little obguysession quite humourous. He only approves because he quite likes Guy and the boys himself.

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