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I'm Moving!!!

Sweet One

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Yippee!! Come september, i'll either be in Ottawa or Montreal!! Woo-hoo!!! But i sure will miss my T.O peeps!! The T dot O dot is the best city ever!! hahaha..woo-hoo!!


Sorry, i'm kinda excited!! :D


:multi: :multi: :multi: :multi: :multi: :multi:

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Well, that's great that you want to move there!! I once fantasized of going down there. I probably will in my future, but i'm aiming for New York. I mean, i'll have my American VISA by then, so it seems to fit. Plus, it's a bit closer to home so my mom won't be too traumatized...baby steps..haha :D

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im not so much a clothes freak as i am a jewlrey one......i HAVE to get at least 2 new pairs of earrings or a braclet or some kind of jewlrey each week or ill explode....thats where all my allownace goes.....shopping for pants is the absolute WORST! i hate it....id rather wait till i lose wieght and go and by some

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