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how many growth spurts do kids experience?


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That's him in my avatar. Last October. He has grown 2 inches since then :D (j/k lol)


All I know is that you know when a growth spurt is happening - suddenly they spend a lot of time at the fridge with the door open lol

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ahah I know damn them...

one of them has me on a strict diet because my blood pressure was high..

I went from 125lbs to 118lbs in the first month of the diet..I was fuck this diet..no salt..spicy ..fatyy foods..god no..I couldnt afford tohave my clothes not fit anymore..I was starting freaking look anerexic..

I told her I my pressure ws up because the tonic I've been taking has a high alcohol volume..she ssaid I was wrong..


low and below I stopped taking it..my pressure was back to normal

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GET OUT!! My doctor told me when i was 12 that by the time i was 15' date=' i should have experienced my growth spurt and be like 5'4.. i'm 18 and i'm 5'2... these doctors, eh?? :roll:[/quote']


YAH!! lol! those bastard doctors...they told me 5'4 too!! bahh LIES!!

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