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[New Album] Coldplay Close Ranks


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British band Coldplay have shrunk their jamming and composing sessions for their upcoming fourth album, after being disheartened by over 50 people during the recording of X&Y [pictured].


On the Clocks rockers' previous albums, frontman Chris Martin has always been open to hearing friends, family and studio colleagues' opinions on the new tracks.


Martin says, "I don't want to listen to 55 people next time we record. We went through a period of believing everyone. I literally listened to the tea boys last time."



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this doesn't really sound that surprising. x&y just doesn't have that certain something that the first two albums did. i would hope that CM means sincerely that he will trust himself and his band more than ever. certainly someone like ian mcculloch should be welcomed in (look what it produced, the greatest alternative album in the last ten years) but too much influence is not productive as we have seen.

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This is a smart move by Martin. Outsiders are only a distraction when you're trying to create an album. He needs to trust himself and the rest of the band. No one else. As Flying Sparks said, they should go back to their roots and produce an intimate, meaningful, thought-provoking album akin to Parachutes. I'm not saying they should try to duplicate it, but Coldplay are at their best with simple, melodic tunes that resonate with listeners.

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