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Do you know anyone who looks like a member of Coldplay or any other band?


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Does anyone know someone who looks like Guy?


Yeah, I saw this 12 year old version of Guy once.


The other day, I saw this lady, and I thought she was Gwyneth because she looked EXACTLY like her, so I was staring at her and literally had my mouth hanging open, and she turned around and gave me this weird look, but sort of waved.

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i think i've post something like this somewhere else...but it doesn't matter...


maybe you won't belive me..but it's true...


there is one guy in my scholl who's going a next class to me and he is a total copy of Chris....bvelive me...of course i'm in love with him :laugh3: .

he's got short curly blond hair just like Chris....and HUGE big eyes like Chris...and teeth like Chris....everything....

i had his picture on my computer , but i eresed it because of personal reasons...so i can post it... :(

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Me and Steph saw Jonny Bucklands DOUBLE from behind at Isle of Wight festival on the first night there (Friday)!!! Even wearing the same kind of hat!! It was scary the resemblance! I did take a photo of him but ran out of memory for the cp gig...so had to delete the pic. We were kinda making sure it definitely wasnt Jonny! lol

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Well, i don't know anyone, but when I was at the IOW festival, me and Kara (crazyduckette) were stood behind a man in the crowd one day that looked JUST like Jonny....but only from behind :laugh4:


His face wasn't too disimilar...but from behind he really really looked like Jonny!!!

A few inches taller and I may well have jumped on him! :lol: joke.




^See what I mean???

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Guest Grace
This is Coldplay's drummer Will Champion:




And this is German actor Daniel Bruhl:







hahahahahaha!!! :D

but he usually doesn't look like that ...:laugh3:

and that bloke at the IOW festival REALLY looks like Jonny from behind! :stunned:

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