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Countdown/Birthday greetings to THE CHAD'S 21st Birthday!!!

Oh HoNEy

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MMMMM i just had McDonalds :D...well...a sausage mcmuffin, hashbrown and an apple pie! mmm


l'm alright...lol l finally posted my gross pics EWWW lol...l look like a have two tennis balls in each cheek...how weird!! l look so different! :cry:

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i've seen them..your beautiful! and don't say you're not!! :-x

much more than me..and i still think i'm not that ugly.. so.. ;)

it pretty hot in berlin.. 32°C since last weekend!!!

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OMG.....you paint????? or draw????????



I LOVE TO PAINT!!!! lol!!! cuz lm in this hosp...and l have nothing else to do....l've painted like 30 paintings lol!! when you walk in...there are all these canvas' ahahaha...its brilliant..


so...how were the lessons? l would love to see a self portrait :)

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those were lessons at school. so i didn't really love it that much..and i'm not good at drawing at all so i only do it when i'm forced.. but i'd love it if i'd be better :sad: ..anyhoo..maybe my dad could scan it for me :shrug: but you probably have to wait a month or more :roll:

have to leave in five minutes again.. keyboard lessons :oops: :D

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