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Are you the jealous type? i dont mean only when it comes to ur partner in a relationship, but when people get something that you also want bad are you jealous of them? or will you be happy for them?


i can say that yeah i can be pretty jealous sometimes, but i think only when it comes to relationship matters. i once almost lost my best friend cause of that jealousy thing... so what about you?

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If its a friend of mine who ends up getting the something that i really want, then there's absolutly no point of being jealous, i should be very happy for him.

In relationships, i tend to get very jealous i suppose, but only if im serious about the guy, and i like to think that hes jealous when it comes to me too.

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i'm jealous.

yeah, definitely.

but in a weird way. i am happy for my friends when they get something. for sure. but only if they deserved it more than perhaps i did.

but the thing i'm always jealous about is when for example there's a couple (i don't even know) and they're happy together. i dunno... i'm a freakin weirdo, but that makes me goddamn jealous.

it gets even worse when my friends are in a relationship.

i'm bad person.

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Guest LiquidSky

I am a very jealous person but when someone gets something I wanted it's as if saying "Right.. like I ever had the chance to get that..or deserve that.. or blabla" so then it just leaves me with feeling happy for them...

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