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General Qwerty Waluigi

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here is something from my math lesson:


math teacher: who can tell me the sum of this exercise.....? No one? Ok....x what did you find out?

X: Nothing I'm still working at it...

teacher: Y what about you?

Y: I am also working....

teacher: Z what did you find out?

Z: I am also working...

teacher (angry): Man WHO ISN'T CURRENTLY WORKING???

Me (raising my hand)

teacher (happy): Yay finally...Julia please!

Me: I have been dreaming!

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"Well, I spell 'stupid' L-A-U-R-E-N!!!"-me


me and Lauren(Rocker in front):

"I went to Chemistry Help. I reeeally need an A!"

"What do you have now?"

"a B."

"And you went to Chemistry Help for that!?!!!!"

"I don't get chemistry!"



"a drunk mind tells a sober heart"...or something like that. It was written on my friend's hand...

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"Emily, you haven't been doing this every Friday for 3 years, so of course you like it."

"Shut up, fat-ass."


"Emily. Emily. Emily."


"Come in here with me. The kitten waaaants you."


I hate people.


"Emmy, bring me some hangers in the closet up there."

"Emily, do some random chore that I'm making you do because I don't want to do it."

"Emily, you're not working on homework or anything, go give the cat a bath."


"Emily, you're an idiot who can't do algebra, and by the way, you're dumb."

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