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Random Phrase Of The Day

General Qwerty Waluigi

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"Back off misfits!"


"How's it coming along?"

"None of your fucking business!"

"It must look ugly then."


"Fwah..." *while lifting up shirt.


"We did really good today guys! We may have lost but it was really close! The only thing they're better at is scoring!" (The score was 10-0 :confused: )


*ball hits the metal part of the goal* "I love that sound!" -me

"I hate it! It's the worse sound in the world!" - our goalie.

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Aww that sounds so comfy! :blush:


I'm been very busy too! It was sooo much fun on Friday night when we had a school dance. Usually I don't have fun, but I've been through so much hell that I didn't care if I looked like an idiot....I just wanted to have fun! :P

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oh yea!! Dancing like an idiot is the best... im glad u had fun :D


last week i went to a wedding, my friend's brother got married. And i was really dreading it because i thought it would feel uncomfortable because i dont know her family. But it ended up being so much fun because though the music sucked, we still could dance like idiots beside her family. Plus, drunken 50 year old uncles always leave room for some parody dancing :P

so it ended up being fun

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