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Nelly Furtado releases "All Good Things" as 3rd single

Flying Sparks

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Just read that Nelly Furtado decided to release the beautiful "All Good Things (Come to an End)" as the third single off her album "Loose".


Of course she'll release the album version, and not the gorgeous duet with Chris Martin, but the fact that it's gonna be released as a CD single raises hopes that the track with Chris might make it as a b-side!? Chris' version of "Dry Your Eyes" at least also made it to The Streets' CD Single, so why not this time? It would be great to have a nice recording instead of the leaked web version :D


What do you think? Is there reason to hope? :P

(No release date set yet, by the way)


More (including Nelly's video for the song) here:


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^ the video is in the link in the first post :nice:



i'm glad she has released this 3rd. it's a great song but of course i like the duet with chris way more. i had really hoped that when/if she did release it, the video would be quite simple to sort of emphasis the lyrics and simplicity of the emotion that the song is aiming at.

it's a nice and yea ^ strange video lol but i would've prefered something much more simple over that layer upon layer of scenes :\

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I hope she releases All Good Things w/Chris as a b-side. That would be fantastic! As for the video, I liked it, and the guy was kinda hot :D


But as I was watching, all I kept thinking was how I could see why Chris would've fancied her...that's to say if he did :P She looked really pretty there

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We'll see.. maybe we're lucky and they'll release it as a b-side after all :)

- Or a nice Japanese fan uploads the song for us :D


UPDATE: The tracklist at Amazon:


1. All Good Things (Come To An End) - Furtado, Nelly

2. Promiscuous - Furtado, Nelly

3. No Hay Igual - Furtado, Nelly & Calle 13

4. No Hay Igual - Furtado, Nelly & Calle 13

5. Maneater - Furtado, Nelly


Seems like she releases some live tracks as her b-sides :(

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