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Kevin Federline likes Coldplay


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Kevin Federline chat transcript

Kevin Federline says Federline is in the house!!


mixo asks What was your favorite part of making the album?

Kevin Federline says My favorite part of making the album would have to be really getting in the music. It took a long time to make the album and I got to touch on a lot of different subjects that have been out in the media lately. Just explain a little bit of my situation.


lucky_kitty asks how is your album different from others?

Kevin Federline says You know I really went with the upbeat, so everybody could dance to it... But at the same time I'm really going after the media. I'm bragging a little bit but in a good way!


joanna13 asks what has been the funniest fan encounter you've had so far?

Kevin Federline says The craziest thing that has happened so far, is I performed at a radio station in LA and I got into.. they gave me a rolls royce phantom to drive around in. I was getting ready to leave and we got swarmed by hundreds and hundreds of people. It showed me that people are interested in what I'm doin'!


Arijana89 asks What or who inspired you to begin your music career?

Kevin Federline says You know I think I was at a standstill with dancin' and really searching for another way to go. I've always wanted to do hip hop, I've always wanted to rap. I've been doing it secretly to myself for a long time and I just felt ready to come out!


spongebob asks what musicians do you admire?

Kevin Federline says Tons of people man, right now I'm liking Lupe Fiasco, Ludacris, Jay Z and the fact that he is comin' back. Other artists like Coldplay, and even older people that aren't around anymore like Jimi Hendrix and a couple of rock 'n roll people.


spongebob asks what do you do in your spare time?

Kevin Federline says When I have time to myself I try to spend as much time with my children as I can. I don't get to see them as much as I want to.


Caleyey asks What's the best part of being Kevin Federline?

Kevin Federline says Hmm, that is a good question. Lets see. I don't know, there is a lot to it you know. I would say the best part about it is my family.


Steph_NBG asks Would you like to go on a world tour?

Kevin Federline says Definitely. I love going overseas!

Kevin Federline says It is always nice to be able to step out of America for awihle and go check out new places.


amorious asks do you have any brothers and sisters

Kevin Federline says Yeah I've got a mixed family. Step and half and all that. Five brothers and one sister.


nadav asks will 'crazy' with britney be the third single?

Kevin Federline says No it won't be. I think that either Caught Up or Kept On Talkin' is going to be.


mixo asks If you could say one thing to the papparazzi what would it be?

Kevin Federline says Thanks


jumpingjack asks do you play any musical instruments?

Kevin Federline says A little bit, you know. I put together a studio at the house so I play around with the beat machine and the keyboards. You know... slowly but surely I am building on that side.


Caleyey asks what's the best and the worst thing of being in this business?

Kevin Federline says For me, the best is being able to really keep following my dreams and do what I love to do. The worst thing about it is having to turn around all the hatred.


robert100chat asks what would you say is your best song on the new album

Kevin Federline says My favorite song is Privilege. That is the single we're pushing right now so everyone should go request it at their radio station!


Caleyey asks Who's the person(s) who keep you grounded?

Kevin Federline says Definitely my family and friends.


Original_Doll asks Hey Kevin! Now that you made it to celebrity, does it happen to you to miss your old life style and wish you could just get it back?

Kevin Federline says Not really. I have no regrets. I think about the future and the future for my family.


Arijana89 asks Why is the name of your debut album "Playing with fire"?

Kevin Federline says Thats what I feel like my situation is. You know, between the media and all the things that are talked about. Everything I'm sayin' on the album is pretty much playing with fire. It is a universal title...


Caleyey asks Are you guys going to have more kids?

Kevin Federline says We haven't talked about it. Not yet.... when we're ready for it.


Swtpea95 asks Do you have alot of impresive dance moves to go with your songs

Kevin Federline says Some, you know. I don't think I'm going to be dancing as much as people want me to but that could change.


Swtpea95 asks Do you have alot of impresive dance moves to go with your songs

Kevin Federline says Some, you know. I don't think I'm going to be dancing as much as people want me to but that could change.


BritneyExperts asks do you and britney share the same music taste?

Kevin Federline says Actually, not really. You know, she is more of.. she likes a lot of pop music, rock-ish pop music. I wouldn't say I'm strictly a Hip-Hop guy but pretty close.


susisch asks is it true that you have a new pitbull pet? (not only bitbit and lacy anymore?)

Kevin Federline says No..


Original_Doll asks Who chose the second baby's name? You or Britney?

Kevin Federline says Britney


jojo54 asks do you have a bus which you travel in on tour

Kevin Federline says Yeah I will. We are actually just talkin' about that.


lucky asks How old are you and where did you grow up

Kevin Federline says Fresno, California


Caleyey asks What's the best part of being a young father?

Kevin Federline says I know for sure that I'll always be able to keep up with my kids!


chitown asks What has been your favorite city to perform in so far?

Kevin Federline says Actually I've only done a few. I've have to say that LA was the biggest one so far.


Steph_NBG asks will you take brit and the kids on tour with you?

Kevin Federline says Hopefully they'll come visit. I can't imagine them wanting to come for all of it


meboi666 asks when did you find out you wanted to be a singer?

Kevin Federline says You know it has always been in the back of my mind.


alawe asks do you have a song on Britney's next album?

Kevin Federline says Yeah we've talked about it and we want to do it. So, hopefully.


MizSpontaneous asks Whats the best part about being a celebrity? Do you get free stuff?

Kevin Federline says Sometimes, yeah. Sometimes, you know. They send clothes and stuff like that. If I don't like it then I always give it to charity.


BritneyExperts asks what was it like working with britney in the studio?

Kevin Federline says We did our parts separate. That is pretty much how we do things. I'll go in and do my stuff, she'll go in and do her stuff.


Steph_NBG asks do you like to sign autographs?

Kevin Federline says Always


hanne88 asks Will you be dancing in your next music video?

Kevin Federline says Umm.... yeah, it is possible. Uh, I'm not sure yet you know? I'm still trying to figure out if I'm going to do that or not. We're either going to go the "movie" route with it, or do the performance.


Caleyey asks Do you read tabloids?

Kevin Federline says Uh, don't read 'em. Don't pick 'em up. Not at all. I urge people not to do that.


BritneyExperts asks what celeb friends have you made?

Kevin Federline says Uh, don't read 'em. Don't pick 'em up. Not at all. I urge people not to do that.


BritneyExperts asks what celeb friends have you made?

Kevin Federline says As a dancer, you know, I got to meet a lot of people. I'm good friends with Pink, I'm good friends with a couple people from N Sync. Ginuwine, Usher, Ludacris, Busta Rhymes


robert100chat asks what car are you driving does it have an cool things onit?

Kevin Federline says Actually I'm in New York right now. We're gettin' ready, doing the album release party out here. I have my first show for the promo tour tomorrow. I'm going around in an escalade -- car service today. Pretty pimped out though.


BritneyExperts asks what would you say has been your biggiest achievement?

Kevin Federline says Finishing this album was one of the biggest achievements, work wise.


susisch asks how was your record release party? I heard Paris Hilton was there....

Kevin Federline says Yeah she was! It was good, it was fun


susisch asks Does Jayden James look like Preston?

Kevin Federline says Uh, a little bit. He looks like me more than anything.


Caleyey asks Do you read blogs? if so does it upset you when they are harsh towards you and your family?

Kevin Federline says Nah I don't read 'em too much. I'm probably going to have to start my own though. I feel it is time that I get in there and talk to people more often.


meboi666 asks what programs do you watch on tv?

Kevin Federline says You know, I'm more of a movie person. I'll watch HBO or something like that. Entourage, CSI definitely. You know, when I have time. I'll watch The Wire, The Sopranos.


MizSpontaneous asks What is youadvice for young people out their that want to become a singer?

Kevin Federline says Work hard. Don't let anybody tell you that you can't do it.


meboi666 asks are you still the same person you was before you become that huge superstar?

Kevin Federline says Yeah, I can honestly say that I'm pretty much the same person that I've been since I was a teenager. You know, just grown up with more responsibilities.


robert100chat asks can you moonwalk?

Kevin Federline says Hah, of course!


dejavu16 asks what else do you want to achieve?

Kevin Federline says You know, my main thing is to be a business mogul.


susisch asks who's cooler? Eminem or Jay-Z?

Kevin Federline says Wow!

Kevin Federline says That's a tough question. I think they're both okay with me and they're alright!


susisch asks can you cook? If so, favorite thing to cook?

Kevin Federline says Yeah I can cook. I can cook anything... I can bake, I can cook. My favorite thing is either fried chicken or pasta.


Caleyey asks Is Sean P walking now?

Kevin Federline says Yes


BritneyExperts asks how does it feel to have an album, a tv show, and a wicked wife?

Kevin Federline says It is pretty self explanatory. It is great, it is wonderful. I'm happy, I'm very blessed to be where I'm at.


robert100chat asks what advice do you have for hiphop dancers that want to get into the industry

Kevin Federline says You know, really the main thing is to get yourself ready. Go somewhere that you can do something about it. If you are not in LA or New York or even Atlanta right now (there are a lot coming out of Atlanta right now), I'd suggest severe training and a whole lot of ambition.


hanne88 asks Have you caught the acting fever?

Kevin Federline says A little bit, yeah I caught a little bit of the bug when I did CSI. It was definitely fun.


Chat Host says Okay, that was the last question.

Kevin Federline says The album is in stores right now. I really need people's help to request the singles on the radio.

Kevin Federline says We're doing a show in New York on the 4th, Chicago on the 8th and House of Blues at Virginia Beach on the 12th. Then I go back to the west coast at the Anaheim House of Blues on the 20th. San Diego on the 21st and then I do L.A. House of Blues on the 22nd. Really, everybody needs to go out and get an album if you don't have it already!

Kevin Federline says Spread the word, post as many blogs as you can about it. I would love for it to turn into a huge thing on the internet!

Kevin Federline says I love all of you!


I hate this guy :laugh3:

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boomslang.. The sad & odd thing isn't that Kevin Federline likes Coldplay' date=' but that YOU read his fuckin' chat transcript :P[/quote']

It was emailed to me by a friend who heard DJs talking about it on the radio, cause she knows I like Coldplay. It's not like I read the entire rest :confused:

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i don't know... I thought it was HI-LARIOUS! I couldn't stop laughing! He had these to little white kids dancing and lip syncing while (to top this off) he played the chords of the song on a piano in the back center of the stage. Then he gets up and starts 'rapping' and is bleeped 5 times as the credits start rolling over him. Oh, and this is all after a pregnant Brittney Spears comes out chewing gum in foot flops to introduce him.


Bloody Idiot... *goes into a giggling fit* :D

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