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A thread for Twister ;)


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God, you're predictable...I knew you'd choose this way.


So...this is a thread esp for you, so you can show here to evryone what kind of human being are you.

Let us all to know how pathetic you are ;) ...and how low can you go :lol: !


So....guess no more fights in other threads, huh?


Loser :laugh3:

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Don't be so immature :dozey: ...


You dunno the half of it.

So...buzz off :P


I mean...if u have sth to say of some special value,say it.

But, hey...immature I may be, but my dear "interesting" Nick is an extreme conservatist who cannot stand "opinions".


And...I'll just let him be "interesting". I don't want to be interesting in that way :rolleyes:

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