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Wits Choir


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I'd never confess that I'd like spirituals. But yesterday, Wits Choir (it's a "band" with 31 members) was in our school. They taught us how to sing some of those songs they sing in concerts, and that was awesome. I talked to them and they were very friendly. So I had to go to the concert as well.. And the perfomance was ******* AWESOME!!!! I had to record it on my camera and since yesterday I've seen it twice. Anyways, Wits Choir comes from South Africa, from Johannesburg.


So, anyone? :D

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What kind of music do they sing/play?


Sing:) They have no guitars or something, just one bongo or how that's called :lol:

They sing spirituals.


Look at their list of songs:


Alleluia - Father Immanuel Mlenga (1957)


All my trials -Trad. Bahamian Spiritual


Amagugu - Trad. Zulu spiritual


Bawo Thixo Somandla -Trad. Zulu


Drinkin’ of the wine - Trad. African/American Spiritual


Ek slaan my oë op - Stephen L Carletti


Do Lord, remember me - Trad. African/American Spiritual


God’s gonna set this world on fire - Trad. African/American Spiritual


Hear my prayer -Moses Hogan


I can tell the world - Trad. African/American Spiritual


I’m goin’ up a-yonder -Walter Hawkins


Louez, le Seigneur - Trad. Cameroon


Witness - Trad. African/American Spiritual


Adios Nonino - A Piazzola; E Blasquez


Ananka Kuti - Father Immanuel Mlenga (1957)


Boegoeberg se Emma - Trad. Afrikaans


Boetie sy’s ‘n perskeblom - ML de Villiers


Bonka baphandle . Trad. African


Dance ti’ thy Daddy - Trad. Northumbrian


Ezimnyama - LMB Chonco


Homeless - Paul Simon; Joseph Shabalala


Ingolovane - Trad. African


Kerumemang - Trad. Sotho


Kwa Mashu - Trad. Zulu


Malaika - Trad.Swahili


Mampe Mpehelele - Trad.Venda



They sing in many different languages, but everytime it's an African language.. (and English hehe :D )

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Oooh I see. I think I know what you mean.. Sounds interesting =)



Yeah. It was excellent.. :) Right now they're having a perfomance some kilometres from here.. But I didn't go there, cause I was to their concert yesterday :lol:


And they were dancing, that was so cool!

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