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Creative Babbling on Pianos...

chuck kottke

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I love the piano!:heart: Thinking on - musing on the piano... It's really a large harp with soft drumsticks / hammers. Instead of finger plucking, it softly mallets out the notes! Just incredible linkages for each key - precisely made to make the hammers strike correctly, and do so reliably for a very long time! So, in some ways, technology has been changing our music for a long, long time - electronic keyboards fit the dynamics of that extension just as well! Actually, it's more like adding a new instument to the family, where the inventors simply wanted an easier to play and more precise harp!!

Pressing the right pedal to release the dampers turns the piano back into a harp - with all the string harmonics possible, and blending of notes so sweet to the ear. It's the god pedal, that gently releases the birds into song during the pre-dawn hours...

So Wakeman had renissance influences & I can sense that rebirth of creativity and joy with each new discovery! Forget for a moment about structure & the names of notes. Forget the box we're in. :square: Music is pure emotion taking form, in sinc with our core being. We shape musical instruments not based on exact science, but on what our ears and minds discern as pleasant and unique, colored beautifully by the context of our cultures!

Just thinking about the dynamics of sound - all the intricate beating of notes, the complex harmonics and interplay of various instruments - quite amazing! We never tire of good music because it contains a tremendous variety of components - something new to focus on or to catch our attention, around every turn in the road. - to see the intricate beauty hidden in the vast meadow, or to see and smell and listen to the wind and the lapping of waves on a shore. And sense the world in it's fullest form, and delight in the moment of discovery...

I think I need to get outdoors!!:):shy::daisy:


Happy Trails to All !!!



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Thanks! I thought about that, but the SUV driver on the cell phone(s) might only notice a slight dent in their right front fender. So, I took a walk in the meadow instead!!:lock: :wacko::cheesy::happy:It was a calm but dramatic day here (clear in the East, sunlit pines & dark clouds looking North, and a couple of wild turkeys marching across the field..). How's the day shaping up over there??

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