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The Berlin concert!!! [2002]


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Hey guys! I went to see Coldplay last Wednesday here in Berlin and it was FABULOUS!!! Unfortunately there were way too many people and that didn't really fit the atmosphere but Chris & co. were gorgeous! I stood in front of Guy (hi, Ginger! :wink: ) and he looked really cute! He looks better with his hair slightly shorter. And Chris, man, he was soooo cute and charming! How could any girl resist him?! He spoke a lot of (really good) German and all the songs were perfect! Too bad they didn't play "Spies" and "Warning Sign" though! But they played "A Rush Of Blood To The Head" instead! I had tears in my eyes...


This is the Berlin setlist:




A Rush Of Blood To The Head



One I Love

Don't Panic

Everything's Not Lost

Green Eyes

God Put A Smile Upon Your Face


The Scientist



In My Place

Life Is For Living

Moses (new song, acoustic performance by Chris! :oops: )



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Actually I don't really know if it's called "Moses" but I heard some people refer to it by that title. It was a pretty romantic and mellow song - very nice! I tried not to think of Gwyneth when he sang it (like picturing he'd only sing it to her...). I hope they'll use it as a b-side on the next single or something! I bet you'd all like it a lot!! :wink:

And Ian, I am so pleased we share the same favorite songs!! 8) As you know "Spies" and "A Rush Of Blood To The Head" are my favorites on each album, too! :D

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