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Oh HoNEy

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hahahaha...i was going through this page to see if there was a !post your own songs" thread before i created one..but this'll do :)


i've turned my somewhat more depressing side into my more artistic side..having just done a revised improvosiation song.


in short, about an hour ago i sat in me chair, got me guitar out, came up with a tune and lyrics and then decided to record it. having just uploaded it, i'm going to let ya's all hear...


it's not great, but it's not amazingly bad (which pleases me) so erm yeah


i think if i rework the end, i'll do it properly, rewrite lyrics properly and erm..yeah it could be good, if not a bit depressing..nice :)


Listen To Me Now

By Majson




it is in mp3 format, but since my isp takes down mp3's pretty much straight away, i've got it thinking it's a .wav..it should paly in both winamp and windows media player (yet to try real one) but any problems, feel free to post and me can try figure out why, or rework it so it'll work for you (if for some weird reason you want to hear it that much)


post thoughts etc, good or bad i don't care :)

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