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i need help


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i need to cut another song from the coldplay concert because i want to put it on to a cd but i can only fit 1h and 20 mins. i cut highspeed and shiver off it. i need one more. i want to keep it but it just wont fit!!



and another thing i need help with is....

colours for my room. i want pink and yellow but they're saying that its too warm because the sun will reflect off the yellow and make the pink look orange. so, im keeping the pink, but i need another colour for the trimming.

Any suggestions?

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everythings Not lost i dont mind..since it's my fave coldplay song....


but they do play too many songs too often....


i don't like that..i like suprises...


*wishes he was at a dave concert this week*


several songs appeared that hadn't been played in 4 years.... :cry: only to have been there.....it's the only reason i wanted to go to my uncles wedding in new york..to see if dave was playing nearby..he's not..so i aint going

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