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Two Weeks Notice


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Okay Okay. I know that this is a chick flick and all but... this movie really made me laugh my ass off. Hugh Grant is a funny actor. It was a good movie. Norah Jones has a cameo appearence in it.

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yea. I laughed the most when Hugh brought the new secretary to his apartment. And she was trying to seduce him. And she saw his chess set.


Lawyer "Hmmmmm, you know what I like even more than chess?"

Hugh "....................Pokemon?" hahahahah


that was a really funny movie.

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This movie was bizarre. I thought it was really random. Yea it was cute, and Hugh Grant is sooo hot so that helped me to enjoy it all the more. I don't really like Sandra Bullock, but she was good for the part. It was kinda a weird movie, but cute and funny at times. It was hilarious when Hugh Grant congrats that women on 'her baby' when shes not pregnant, hahaha.

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