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i spent the whoooole day at wonderland!


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it was SOO fun! :D

we went early. we spent the day at the water park. first when we got into the park we went on minebuster and there was NO ONE THERE! we would have one on it a lot of times but my friend doesn't go on roller coasters and only goes to the water park so we went on once. then we went on baracooda blaster. it's like a big toilet. haha. it's really fun. so we spent the whole day at the water park and had a great time. :)


advice: always go to wonderland right when it opens. :p


we got there at 10:10 so it was a good time.

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i bought a bottle of pop at the chip stand for $4.50 or something.

bah so expensive! i was so thirsty though!

then i got so mad that i got charged with tax because there was a pop machine like 10 meters away that i could have gone to and saved almost a whole buck! lol


i shared the bottle with my friend because it was such a rip off. i usually don't bother buying anything there. except a locker. it's $5 and $5 deposit. damn small lockers!


i might as well tell everyone about what happend with my feet vin.


so about an hour after i got home, about 6, the top of my right foot started to swell up and itch. i have no idea why! it's gone down a bit now (maybe the claritin did help :shrug: ) and stopped itching. i also have blisters on my feet on the arch on near the side of my foot. both of my big toes also got cut on the bottom from walking around bare feet in splahworks. it always happens. i put a bandade on fast because you really don't want an open cut touching the cement. especially at wonderland.

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they have a lot of stuff there. lot's of different kinds of roller coasters and such. the water park is fun. they have a wave pool, this thing called black hole which is a dark tunnel that you go down on a tube with water and yoiu can't see anything. i like the plunge which is this big kind of slide that has like a wave shape. ah it's hard to explain.


the best time to ggo is right when they open because there are people there but there won't be huge lineups. the water park doesn't open till 11am though.


now it takes a while to get in because you have to go through metal detectors and if they beep when you go through with your bag they gotta check it. if it rings when you go through they scan your body with a different detector.

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