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Your Favorite Bands!

Angel Eyes

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1. Radiohead are my favorite hands down, and though Muse is second they're way ahead.






2. Muse



Those are my top two and it gets really hard after that but includes Arctic Monkeys, Oasis, Coldplay, Travis, Jack Johnson, MIA, The Killers, Pink Floyd etc etc etc.

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1. coldplay

2. the beatles

3. radiohead

4. U2

5. the strokes (and albert hammond jr's solo album)

6. death cab for cutie

7. snow patrol

8. the killers

9. oasis

10. the fray


and even though i love the beatles to death, i dont listen to them as much as i used to. their music is still wonderful and revolutionary, and i still love them, but i'm so into other things now that i dont listen to them as much as i should. so technically radiohead takes the #2 spot.


and i'm getting into travis now as well, so that would be #11.

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