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somebody knows this intro of Spies for guitar ??


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Ah yes, my favorite spies video. I honestly have no idea. The effects, delay, reverb and gain are so thick. It looks like he's messing around with chords from the chorus, improving on the high-e in between. You can kind of get an idea when you look at his hands. All I know is that he arpeggios the first part of the chorus very fast before going right into it, I'm sure there's a lot of improv too as it's a little different from glastonbury.

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Okay, I've made a tab.

Not from the vid, but from live One Night In Paris.

Intro is the same.. only used for better quality.


He use alot delay, didnt tab all delay ofcourse. :laugh3:


I've created a PDF and midi file.


For PDF file: http://www.stuff4all.nl/sheetmusic/sheets/Spies%20intro.pdf


For MIDI file: http://www.stuff4all.nl/sheetmusic/sheets/Spies%20intro.mid


Have fun with playing!

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Hi there!

Thanks Stephan for this great tabs to intro of Spies, you have great ears and huge talent :)

I really like the end of this song when Chris plays the piano but i don't know how to play it. Maybe you would work it out and write sheet music to this part, please ?

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