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Hey there ;)


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Hi, im new to these forums on this account, I had another one before about 3 years ago but never used it much and cant remember it so im using a new one :P


Anyway, I have been a coldplay fan since X&Y was released which was my first album which still is my favourite album ever then quickly bought Parachutes and AROBTTH after :) I own around 120 or more coldplay songs from albums, singles, b-sides, live stuff etc... and im pretty mad about the band lol (and have been since 2005 :P)


Onto a more personal note. My name is Marc, I am 18 years old and from Birmingham, England. I enjoy games, football (man u fan) and music. Im mainly into rock/indie music. Coldplay being my favourite of course with Muse, U2, Hard Fi, Feeder, Oasis also being a few of my favourite bands.


With the release of the album very soon, now seems a good time to discuss all things coldplay lol :D so I will be joining you all in discussing the greatest band ever ;)


Cya around.

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