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What PMP is for me?


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I need to replace my 1st gen iPod nano. I like the look of the Zune and iriver Clix but Zune is not Ubuntu Linux (yes I use Linux)-compatible and the Clix is a little steep for how much memory your getting. It needs to have:


=Competitive pricing to the iPod nano 8GB model (cheaper or just a little bit more expensive)

= Album art support

=A touch, pad or some other non-button button interface for browsing my library.

=More than 2GB memory


Optional (but would be great)

=OGG and/or FLAC support



Hope I can get a reply!

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There's the Samsung YP-P2JAB, which is 4GB and $179.99. A bit pricey, I know, but I've heard good things about it, it's a touch screen btw, so thats good. I'm glad you made the switch to Ubuntu! It's a great distribution, my second favorite to Fedora 9. But, I just got a Mac and I love it, it's purely Unix based, so it's perfect.


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