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Shopper killed by train after 'getting Ugg Boot stuck' in tracks despite desperate at


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A woman was killed by a train after her Ugg Boot became stuck on a level crossing.



The 29-year-old had tried to cross the railway tracks after the barriers came down across the road.



But her foot became stuck in the wooden grid which prevents animals from straying on to the line.




A man believed to be her boyfriend battled to pull her free.



He was helped by Jonathan Smith, a passer-by who had seen them walk on to the track, as the train approached Hythe station, in Colchester, on Thursday.



The woman died almost immediately. Her companion was taken to Colchester General Hospital with leg injuries.


Yesterday, the woman's father, who declined to be named, visited the scene, and told onlookers that her boot had become stuck.


It is thought she was wearing Ugg Boots - the fashionable sheepskin footwear which has wide, flat soles.


Mr Smith, 18, said they had managed to free the woman, known locally as Kelly, before she was hit by the National Express East Anglia service from Liverpool Street to Clacton.



The IT student said he saw the pair continue crossing, even though the train was bearing down on them.



He said: "I was standing waiting to cross. She got her foot stuck.



"There were four or five people waiting there but they just watched, none of them were helping. No one wanted to get hit by a train.



"I didn't think, it was just instinct - it was a young girl's life.



"I saw the train coming. I just thought, 'I've got to save her', I didn't think about my own life. I went through and saw she had her foot stuck at first and I grabbed her hand and got her foot out.



"I had her in my arms, she was safe. But her boyfriend screamed at her to get to the other side. I said, 'Stay on this side'.


"But he said, 'This is my train, I've got to be on this side of the track', and so she tried to cross.


The train was about 25ft away. The train didn't have any chance to stop.



"She just curled up in a ball. Her boyfriend jumped out of the way. I tried to help her but I slipped on the wet. It was luck I wasn't hit. I was still holding her hand when the train came.


"My friend told me to let go of her hand, otherwise I would lose my arm."



British Transport Police said: "Police can confirm that a woman in her late twenties died at the scene after she attempted to cross the line when the barriers were down and got her foot stuck in the wooden guards of the crossing and became trapped.



"Two men attempted to pull her free from the crossing as the train, which was travelling between 40mph and 50mph, approached."



Locals said that the crossing was dangerous and pedestrians often tried to make it across the track before the train arrived.



Matt Wilson, who was on the train, said: "There was no warning, the driver slammed on the brakes. Just a minute later you heard the sirens.



"It is such a dangerous crossing. People chance it all the time.



"They just push back the barrier and run over. I've done it before - loads of people do it."



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