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The Coolest Most Amazing Birthday present ever...well, maybe

miss capa

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My best friend's birthday is coming up (I'll give you a tenner if you guess her name...maybe) and I decided to play my own little mind game with her for about a week leading up to it.


Sounds devious? It gets...better...

I recently bought a 7 pack of little note cards that come with envelopes and everything. They are really really really cute and they are white and red (red seems to be her best colour).


Starting a week before her birthday, I'm going to write a card to her everyday, complementing her and saying what a great friend she is, all while slowly giving my identity away. I'll give them to her by either stuffing them in her locker (I know her lock code) or in her bag.


Wish me luck!!

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Is her name Beatrix? :smug: :P


Hehe, I think she'll like your cards, you'll have to disguise your writing though.


I'm working on that, I usually use joint writing but not with the cards, hopefully she won't realise its me. I've done this before, I tricked my friend Molly into thinking her Kris Kringle was someone totally different to me...and she belived me too

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you call her bebe, right?


I've read that name before in your posts I guess :P


and it's a lovely idea!


i actually remembered her name! you shouldn't have mentioned it!


and i like the idea. very personal :nice:


:lol: Yeah, she gets quite a lot of mentions here by me

She has heaps of nicknames though:


Double B

Beetroot (she hates that one)

Beatniks (hates that one also)


Bay Bay the Photogrophay


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