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The naughty button


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How can something so sinister lead to something so.... not sinister? :inquisitive:


Marketing, dude. It's all about the marketing.


And not sinister?!?? That thing costs a buck twenty-five a DAY- that's over $35 a month for text spam.


That's beyond sinister. That's just evil.


But yeah, that said it is awfully pink and fluffy for something so orange an threatening.

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bogus number[/url] and after asking for my sign, it tried to sell me some $10 ring tones. :freak:


By bogus, do you mean, not your number but possibly somebody elses.


because I'd hate to be the person who's number you put! :laugh3:



"What the!?... The Love of my life is Sandra??? - AUDREY!!! - We're getting a divorce!"

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