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Origins of Swiss Cheese Holes

chuck kottke

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Is it true that Swiss Cheese's holes are the result of cosmic rays striking Swiss cheese wheels held in caves high in the Alps??

This thought crossed my mind today after hearing the CBC broadcast "as it happens" on the possibility of the new super-collider in Switzerland leading to the formation of black holes, which could be large enough to "swallow the earth." Of course, tiny ones, it is claimed, happen all the time in the universe, due to collisions of high-energy wavicles - Cosmic rays. Hence, some of the openings in the cheese could be resulting from tiny black holes!

And, somewhere in another universe, all those pieces of missing cheese must be spilling out from a portal!:laugh3:

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Yes, that's it! The Large Hadron Collider. Guaranteed to dim the lights of millions of homes when it is turned on!!:laugh3: Micro black holes - those things could swallow Switzerland in one gulp! (I don't even think they burp - that gets swallowed too!!):P

...Someone from Hawaii is suing to stop the experiment - on the grounds that it's not safe, and could wind up consuming the planet, and possibly the moon as well..

I really doubt it - but if it happens, oh well!:laugh3:

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i just know about it, because i don't know how my dad become interested on the topic the last days and told me about it.. :uhoh: i doubt it will happen a huge disaster related to this thing yet... time will tell.


my dad told me that it had been critizised tha huge amount of money they are investing on this proyect and with the dangers it has (as you say someone from somewhere is scaring people about that this will cause a disaster).


he told me about someone related to this, he gave me the link...


damn! is on the other bookmark. :confused:


I'll look for the other link.




EDIT: Here's the link.


I don't remember now if it was against this proyect or not... he really had told me other things related to this... but i really don't know how from that LHC thing he ended on that other site: unificationtheory.

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You see, low-altitude cheeses, like those made in England and elsewhere have very few of the high-energy cosmic ray collisions necessary to produce the holes. Real Swiss is aged in the ancient caves carved in the alps, which are at high altitudes, & subject to intense radiation. Thus holes result due to the formation of these micro black-holes. Fortunately, only a small piece is consumed per collision, and the cheese wheels are left in the caves just long enough to become properly holey.

Swiss authorities are concerned, however, that given the power of the Hadron Collider, larger holes may form, causing either the cheese wheels to collapse from a lack of internal support, or a necessary cutting short of the aging time, resulting in Swiss that is holey, but not very sharp.:P

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