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hey all you msgboard people :D


here is site for all of you http://www.coldplayworld.cjb.net


and please write your comments in our guestbook :) Thank you...




i cant get into the guestobook for some reason :( but ill register to the board :D btw the newest pic on the message board by the punkmaster ;) is that you? if so then i really have to say that your good looking

anyways welcome to the board! im angela!

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hello :) me missed ya ;) :D


Awwww, ya did? :D



yeah :( been so busy and i really wanted to come on here and talk to ya but i couldnt :(


Awwww, but me's here now. :D Though I'll be driving home soon. :oops:


*gives Angela and Doogie a hug* :oops:

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