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US Police Remove Olympic Torch Bearer On Orders Of Chinese Paramilitary Thugs


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Police Remove Olympic Torch Bearer On Orders Of Chinese Paramilitary Thugs


Communist Chinese-style political oppression came to San Francisco on Wednesday when police, acting on the orders of Chinese paramilitary cops, removed and shoved to the sidewalk an Olympic torch bearer for displaying a Tibetan flag, as the woman's pleas that she had the right to free speech as an American citizen fell on deaf ears.


After seizing the Tibetan flag, the blue tracksuit-clad specially trained

Chinese paramilitary police thugs who manhandled protesters in London made the torch bearer known to the San Francisco police were all too willing to do their dirty work for them.


Equally outrageous as Carter having her right to free speech violated is the fact that San Francisco police were following the orders of the Chinese paramilitary cops who turned her over to them in the first place. This is completely illegal and lawsuits need to be brought on the basis that the city allowed foreign cops to police Americans, which is completely unlawful unless a state of martial law has been announced. The people of San Francisco have a basic human right to know whether or not their city is operating under martial law.


In a You Tube video, Majora Carter, the founder and Executive Director of Sustainable South Bronx, and co-founder of Green for All, is seen being reprimanded by police before being pushed to the sidewalk during the Olympic procession.



"I was carrying a flag for Tibet and the Chinese guards came and took it from me," said Carter.


"I'm an American citizen, if I want to stand and support other people in Tibet I can do so - and I was not given that right," she continued.


"Free Tibet! Because we're American, we can do that," exclaimed Carter.


According to the New York Daily News, "Carter said a Chinese paramilitary squad escorting the torch pounced and turned her over to cops, who pushed her into the crowd."


"I was expressing my right as an American citizen using freedom of speech in support of people who don't have it," Carter said. "It just became really clear to me what was going on in Tibet and I wanted to do something,"

Carter told the media.


"Apparently, I'm not part of the Olympic torch-bearing entourage anymore," she quipped.


The Coca-Cola Company, who had sponsored Carter to represent them during the torch relay, were nonplussed about the incident.


"It's unfortunate that Ms.Carter used an invitation to participate in the torch relay as a platform to make a personal, political statement,"

a company spokeswoman said.



Majora Carter talks to the media after she is shoved to the sidewalk and kicked out of the Olympic procession by San Francisco police - acting on the orders of Chinese paramilitary police.


"It would be more disgusting not exercising my constitutional right," Carter responded.


Carter was asked to make the statement by Students for a Free Tibet in Memphis during last week's events to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s death.



report in the New York Daily News quoted an NYPD police officer and a retired FDNY fireman, both of whom also carried the torch and chastised Carter's actions as "disgusting and appalling," seemingly ignorant of that fact that such protests are outlawed in China because it is a Communist police state, unlike America which is supposed to be "the land of the free" where a God-given right to freedom of speech is afforded to every American citizen.


The incident coincides with an announcement by Jacques Rogge, the president of the International Olympic Committee, who said that athletes who display Tibetan flags, even in the privacy of their own rooms,

could be expelled from this summer’s Games in Beijing under anti-propaganda rules.


This is not the first time that American police have displayed behavior more befitting of their Communist Chinese counterparts. During a March 14th rally in New York,

peaceful Tibetan demonstrators were beaten up by cops who also threatened to kill them, during a sickening attack that was also caught on video.








THINK ABOUT THIS FOR A WHILE - Chinese secret police have been in cities across the globe, running the show......taking away standard rights of other countries.


And this woman just had a flag....showing support for Tibet....then what happens? They grab it off her, tell the American cops to get rid of her and they gladly oblige. These police should have told the Chinese secret service to go fuck themselves....to put it bluntly.


Chinese secret police on American soil, enforcing the oppressive laws of their own nation?? YES, THIS REALLY HAS BEEN HAPPENING!!!


WHAT THE FUCK, PEOPLE!!!! :veryangry2:



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Undercover in Tibet - and terrorised by the Chinese thugs in blue tracksuits






Sunday, April 13, 2008


The Chinese men in blue tracksuits were horribly familiar. Although they were dressed like athletes, their robotic movements, blank faces, swivel eyes and rough, menacing style reminded me of the secret policemen I had to avoid when I was in Lhasa, the Tibetan capital, some years ago.


Last Sunday, they surrounded Konnie Huq as she ran with the Olympic flame through the streets of London, ordering her to hold the torch higher and shoving protesters and British policemen out of the way.


Lord Coe, the London Olympics chief, was overheard describing the so-called "torch attendants" as "thugs".

He said:


"They tried to push me out of the way three times. They are horrible."


It turns out that the gang of men in blue tracksuits were members of an elite Chinese paramilitary police force, known as the Olympic Games Sacred Flame Protection Unit, which was formed from members of the People's Armed Police (PAP).


As the flame continues its uneasy journey around the world, dogged each step of the way by colourful Free Tibet protesters, these men have become the living symbol of all that is most chilling about the Beijing regime.


But who are these Chinese secret policemen?


I spent three months in Tibet researching a book about the country's recent political and social history, and found them to be both effective and ruthless.


Tasked with protecting the integrity of the Chinese communist state against separatism, dissent or subversion, they rely on a network of informants.


Full article here.

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I find it rather ridiculous that if the so-called "Chinese paramilitary police" are disgusting thugs, then why they show up on Amercican soil without any objections from the US govornment? !

"'Free Tibet! Because we're American, we can do that,'exclaimed Carter".

So do you know what the fuck is going on in Tibet? Or at least, do you know where Tibet actually is? You can "free" Tibet because you're an American?! Then i can free Hawaii because i'm Chinese! Who entiltes you the right to "free Tibet"?Who entitles you the right to meddle with other nation's internal affairs?

Let's go back to the 1950s when black people were discriminated and oppressed(i'm sorry to mention this piece of history). If people around the world had been saying"Free the blacks! Go establish an independent country!", how would those Americans react to this kind of protests?!

Plus, the Tibetan ppl are not being oppressed! Do you actually know what the so-called "peaceful protestors" did in Tibet? First tell me please does the English word "protestor" also means vandalist, arsonist, or even murderer?!Okay, the mainstream media told you Chinese police are oppressing those who support Tibetan Independence, then do you know how they glean their news resources and jump to this conclusion? You will probably never know that some of them actually do not show you the ORIGINAL photos they took in Tibet, and some of the photos are NOT EVEN TAKEN IN TIBET!! Because you have never been to Tibet, because all the things you know about China and Chinese people are from those reports on the sptupid authoritarianism communism thing, you never doubt the facticity of those reports!

If you think i am brainwashed or have been paid to say these things, okay then, let the facts speak! Have seen the torch relays in London and Paris on TV, haven't you? Those people are "freeing Tibet" by hurting those torch runners, by trying every means to snatch the Torch from them! What a view! They are violating the sportsmanship and the holy spirit of Olympics--- and this has nothing to do with the whole "Free Tibet" thing! If those Chinese secret police are "disgusting and appalling", how about thoese Torch snatchers? Great Heroes??

Don't you feel strange that the whole "Free Tibet" thing just pop up all of a sudden---just in the meantime of the torch relay? Is it a coincidence? NO! It's a real conspiracy!

Tibet is NOT a place needs to be freed. So just mind your own business before you actually know what is ACTUALLY happening down there! If you ever choose to protest, try to protest against those real evils, rather than something you hardly know. Yes, man has the right to voice his opinions, but that does not mean you can say whatever you want---you must be responsible for your words.To protest and to slander are totally different!

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defending a government that won't let you even listen to all of Coldplay's music......


The Chinese government suppresses it's own people all over China, mass murder and violations of simple human rights. This has also been well documented by the world, and is no secret. Why defend a government that won't let you listen to all kinds of music? not to mention would have no problem killing you if you spoke out against it...


This is not an attack on the Chinese, but the government, Chinese people are responsible for many great things throughout history and a intelligent race, BUT the government is one of the worst on this planet.

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How ridiculous! If the Chinese government dont't allow me to listen to Coldplay, i wont even have the chance to know coldplay! A government wont allow you to listen to all kinds of music? The RollingStones, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, and even Bjork(the bitch who supports "free Tibet") have thrown their concerts in China, do you know it?!

I'm Chinese, do you think you know more about China than i do? Have you ever been to China? Have you actually seen how the Chinese ppl are leading their lives? All you have are those crap reports on "bad human rights records", all you have is the stereotype that China is governed by an authoritarianism government. I suppose the Cold War has already become history, hasn't it?But it's sad to see there are still quite a few people are still thinking in a way that is typical of the Cold War period. And some of them were born after the end of the Cold War!

Yes, i acknowledge the Chinese government are not always doing well, but this time it's not about defending the Chinese government, it's about defending the truth! Say your father may be strict with you, maybe he dont give you all the things you want, and maybe sometimes you hate him. But when ppl begin saying your father is a thug, a dictator when they think he commits some wrongdoings which dont even exist, how do you feel? You tell ppl "yep, my father is a thug"??This is not defending a government or whatever, it's patriotism!I've attached a picture, you can see lots of friends on my MSN list have added"Love China" to their nicknames, and i can tell you there're millions of Chinese ppl doing the same thing right now! We dont get paid to do this, we do this voluntarily!

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So basically - you've just said "you don't know anything about China and the government because you haven't been here!" - which is not really valid. I've never been to the US but I know a lot about their government and things they have said and written about.


And then you made comments like "crap reports on human rights" - but that means nothing.....just denying something doesn't make it any less true.


I have met and worked alongside Chinese people during 5 years living in London where I went to University and 3 of them told me that their parents fled the country because they feared that their children were going to be stolen from them.....


Now, I don't know about you - but I think armed government officials breaking into homes to snatch children is disgusting and if that starts to happen here I will almost certianly buy myself a gun.....


I do know that this isn't happening to everyone in China but it is going on. There will be people who have grown to love China (more importantly the government) and will not hear a single bad word said against it. But there are others, millions, who are living in constant fear for their lives.....and I've been given first hand information on that.

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I have met and worked alongside Chinese people during 5 years living in London where I went to University and 3 of them told me that there parents fled the country because they feared that their children were going to be stolen from them.....


Now, I don't know about you - but I think armed government officials breaking into homes to snatch children is disgusting and if that starts to happen here I will almost certianly buy myself a gun.....

Then how about attacking the torch runners during the torch relay?How about attacking a disabled girl and trying to snatch the torch from her?This is not that disgusting,huh?!

I can tell you almost every Chinese is very furious after watching the torch relay in London and Paris, this has nothing to do with whether our government is democratic or not. What we'are furious about is that those guys are not protesting for some socalled"freedom", they are actually boycotting and violating the Olympics!

Just imagine some terrorists blast the streets during the torch relay of London Olympics(sorry for the horrible assumption), how will you feel? Does it have something to do with Gordon Brown is a bad guy or not?!

What i'm trying to say is sometimes you just need to put yourself in others' shoes, to think from others' perspective. You think condemning the Chinese government for socalled bad human rights record is actually helping us, thank you, but that does not make us feel much better. I dont deny we do have bad human right records, but most of them are far less horrible than you have heard of. When some people hate someone else, they are capable of saying anything against him by exaggerating or even faking. You have a deep-rooted stereotype about China, so you choose to believe everything bad about China you have heard of , you never question the credibility of the source. But do you know what we are actually caring about right now? Do you know why we are so furious? We are furious because of the perversely distorted reports on the Tibet issue from some Western media(such as CNN. Do you know now there's actually an anti-CNN campaign in which millions of Chinese are involved both home and abroad?), because some ppl want to take advantage of this to slander our country and stop the Olympics from being held in China! This is why we are furious, this is why we feel we need to do something!

Let's just put aside the human rights thing for a while.I know it's very hard to convince you unless you go to China to see it for yourself. Please just think from our perspective once! Sometimes you think you are helping people and doing the right thing, but if you dont know what they are actually caring about and what is actually happening, they won't identify with you!

Can you understand us??

If you are willing to take the trouble, just come to China and see for yourself!

We welcome you, mate!

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I do agree that in the grand scheme of things the Chinese people will suffer at the hands of the NWO and that there is indeed people in the west who have written about taking China down.

I am very aware of this issue and is something I am very worried about - since these nwo criminals are trying to shape the world we live in for their own gain - and China, just like Iran, has been identified as a target - but I think the military might of China means this goal is not something they can pull off over night.

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