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The Journeys of Violet Hill


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Share yer stories!


I waited for nine hours on here. That's right, nine hours. During the early hours I went googly and ventured onto the "Messages for the Coldplay Team" thread and told Chris and Guy that they were "secksie". Which now I think is utterly hilarious (but true :sneaky:). So soon I stayed in the "Violet Hill Virgil" thread and the "Irritate the Person Above You using only an emoticon" thread. Soon it was afternoon and the people started to come in. TracieMorgan was having an overnighter so we talked lots obviously, lol. Tuned into XFM, had fun talking about the stuff on there. So then Stefan played a little prank and made us tune into Radio One (which didn't work for me). Funny bastard :laugh3:


Then the evening. The site suddenly burst with activity o__o people woke up, inlcuding CHRISTINE (cavenow). WE HAD LOTS OF SPAMMY FUN TOGETHER. Ahem. Soon the final minutes came and I was having a lotta trouble with people CONSTANTLY POSTING. I think at one point we had TWELVE POSTS within ONE MINUTE. Ugh.


Then... crunch time. Chris was on Radio One, IT STILL DIDN'T WORK. (Someone with the Jo Whiley show with Chris on it PLEASE PM me a link to it). Then I tuned into XFM, JUST in time for Violet Hill. It was... coldgasmically, fucking awesome. Then the site exploded with activity.


coldplay.com went down, hah. It was virtually unaccessable for the first ten minutes. Then what do you know, I guessed right - COLDPLAYING WENT DOWN. I ran off to watch NCIS.


Came back, coldplay.com was working, started Violet Hill. Coldplaying was back but still painstakingly slow. So I instead left Violet Hill going.


Took forty minutes to download (curse ye crap connection). Got it, extracted, hopped on here, popped it on my iPod. Now I am back to say goodnight.



If Coldplay ever release a song via download on their site, I urge you to take an all-nighter with us. Unless you've got something pretty damn important or you can't stand being tired. Because it is the most fun you'll probably ever have while having an all-nighter. I had an all-dayer sorta but it was still craploads of fun and really good times.


What do I think of the song? It kicks ass. It beats the crap out of most of the stuff they've done so far. And.... it has the potential to knock Don't Panic off the top for my all-time favourite song. Seriously. It is THAT awesome. It's the music I've been waiting for them to make, for what seems like forever.


But anyway, brilliant times, I am also the Official Coldplaying Violet Hill Bum along with Trace by staying up for nine hours which I am very bloody proud of. So now, you get to share |D I'm off to bed though, doubt I'll sleep. Well, I probably will, and dream of Chris knowing me :laugh3: So ta-ta~

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When I first came here today, Coldplay.com was down. Well, I kinda expected that, but I hoped coldplaying would be up and running, but no luck there either, hehe.


So I waited a couple of hours more, and now I got it. Amazing song, was worth waiting for it.

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Waited all day, then slept at 2AM and woke up at 4AM and just when I turned to Radio 1 Chris and Jonny arrived in the studio. :laugh3:


Now, I've gotta go to school--I've got a chem exam and plenty of other crap to do. :laugh3:


And tomorrow's my birthday! This is one of the best burfday presents eva. :blush:

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i had a driving lesson 10 til 12 and got in, and got ready for the bath and stuff i was running then remembered


so i scouted about coldplay.com and then this but this wouldn't load so i downloaded it and listened and loveeeee it


so i listened to it in a towel in my kitchen on my laptop while my bath was reaching dangerously high levels.

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I woke up early in the morning ( I Live In Mexico City )


and then I visited coldplay.com to get the song, but for a strange reason I didn't recieve the e-mail...


Then, suddenly, my computer stopped working! it doesn's work anymore... I turned it off, and then on again, and it didn't work...


So I got up my car, I came to the office... and here I was searching for the song, so I checked my e-mail again and the song wasn't there... but there was a mail from a friend with the song... So I downloaded it...


But I couldn't hear it in the computer, so I downloaded the song to my iPod and finally... I could hear the song...


It was a perfect moment...


Now I just hope my computer to be back again, jajaja

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well done everyone!


Coldplay.com crashed which naturally meant that everyone came here... so we crashed too. Overall I'm happy with the uptime of the server, I hope the air conditioning is working at server HQ :stunned:


Things might get sticky for the next few hours, but we're over the worst of it :)

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I woke up like at 7am then ran to the computer and my pc was reeeeally slow so luckily coldplaying was still working fine and I found some link to the bbc radio that someone posted... like 30 seconds after that Violet hill started and I was so happy.. and like ... what a great song :dance:

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:P at you all. Was in work so no access to radio. Have had to wait just under 6 hours after its was released to get to listen, but as I walk in my front door Scott Mills was playing it on Radio 1 :D

And I had to browse coldplaying as a guest from work, so with the slow work computer, and mega traffic here, didn't even get to really read what you guys thought either.

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Cobalt! You're a champ! You and Tracie deserve tickets to the free gigs!:)


Aw, shucks :nice: that would be mindblowingly-awesome though :lol:


Oh and er... I skipped school yesterday to wait with you guys |D, so worth it... it was the Athletics Carnival anyway, nobody ever really goes to that thing, so no problems


Still. Tickets at the Madison Garden sound nice, as long as I have views of Chris :wideeyed: haha just kidding, but that would be a nice bonus


Fun fact: I reached 260 posts yesterday. I'm a spammer |D

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