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The Official Harry Potter thread (spoilers)


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I noticed a lot of people here are Harry Potter fans, so this is a place where anyone can talk about the great series without being made fun of. This may contain spoilers so I think only people who have read all the books should check this thread out.



My opinion: great book series, decent movies. I read the first four when I was a kid, then stopped, then read the final 3 a few months ago. It got me started on reading again, so I am lucky I read the rest of them.


Also I dont think its just a series for kids, the final few books have some heavy elements in them.

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They're all good books...


As for the movies, the first two are kinda more geared towards kids, Prisoner of Azkaban is awesome, Goblet of Fire is decent and Order of the Phoenix? ...blegh. I didn't like it, too choppy - it assumed that you'd only be watching it had you read the book. Not true.


But yes my favourite book is Deathly Hallows and movie Prisoner of Azkaban. I also had the crazy idea while watching OotP "wouldn't it be nice if Harry and Luna got together :nice:". Apparently not :angry:

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^Yeah, I agree with those favorites completely. And I saw OOTF before I read it, so I thought it was an incredible movie. Then I read the book and re-watched it, and now I hate it. They left out so much like Ron playing Quidditch. Horrible movie, but maybe Half-Blood Prince will be good.

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