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¿Qué más da?


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Now that everyone is speaking Spanish (or at least a phrase, the same damn phrase), thanks to Coldplay... :) I really wanted to make this thread title, which in the English language would mean something like:


What does it matter? never mind!


I was talking to my friend the other day and well, we just came to this conclusion! and I wanted to share it: it's basically how people give sometimes too much value to stupid things, and are full of prejudices and worries that are not really important at all!! at the end we all might die and be buried or burnt!


We are all equal on that.


Maybe shy people might understand this a little better, how you feel when you lose the chances to do some things you want to do only because you're shy, afraid to embarrass, of what people might say. You're in class and you don't want to ask the teacher cause you might feel stupid then.




¿Qué más da? I just did a very cool thread, don't be shy!! live your life! :smug:

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you are right carlos, but about the teachers i don't fear / mind what people think, i have to ask something i ask it.. no matter if in public or private... i can't let a doubt be on my mind for days and don't get it be solved, with an easy thing as is ask the teacher about it.



but yes i'm sorry to be that shy to don't do some things i'd like to, just for the thing of 'not disturb' somebody...


yes sometimes i fear i am disturbing some people or that i will disturb someone if i ask them to for instance: take me to some place... :\ even when i know that they are going to that place anyways... :confused:

i'd like to change it and i tried to, but not so successful as i hoped to :(

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