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'Smilie Stories' Thread!


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So, this is where you can make up your own fictional stories using the coldplaying smiles as your characters! (It doesn't look like there's a thread like this already, so I think it should be original enough to have its own thread... but feel free to merge it if something like this already exists!)


Here's a very simple and unexciting example on how it can go. You can make your's a whole lot cooler/funnier/interesting.





:cool: - Mr. Cool

:D - Ms. Smiley

:dozey: - Mr. Unimpressed



Example story


:cool:: Wazzup homies?

:D: Where have you been sweetheart?

:cool:: Oh, just for a little shopping spree.

:dozey:: As per usual.

:cool:: Are you trying to say that clothes shopping isn't cool for a guy?

:dozey:: Not when you come back wearing fish net stockings and glittery high heel shoes its not.

:cool:: You can't say that when you havn't seen the whole outfit yet!


*:cool: puts on fake beard* (:cool: --> :disguise:)

:disguise:: How do I look?

:D: Oooooh! I like it! It looks very... manly.

:dozey:: I'm not impressed.

:disguise:: You never are. Whats wrong with my outfit anyway?

:dozey:: Everything. You look ridiculous. And the bra DEFINITELY needs to go.

:disguise:: You dissing my manbumps?

:dozey:: Last time I checked, you didn't have any.

:D: ... you've seen Mr. Cool in the nude?

:dozey:: Thats not what I said.

:disguise:: You'd better start explaining yourself mister.

:dozey:: You don't seriously think -

:disguise:: Well I can't say I blame you. What with this steaming hot body and all.

:D: Oooh Yummy!

:dozey:: I can't BELIEVE I'm hearing this.

:disguise:: Heh... you just can't admit that you wish you had my stunning looks and awesome dress sense!

:dozey:: Yeah? I must be missing something pretty big then huh?

:disguise:: Oh wouldn't you like to know.

:dozey:: ARGH! I'm outta here.

:disguise:: Going so soon? You don't want to see my new thong? *reaches for bag*

:dozey:: NO! *runs out*

:D: Awww... well I like you're outfit honey!

:bobby:: Everything OK here, ladies?

:disguise:: *:dozey:*


Etcetera, etcetera.


Now you have a go at creating you're own 'Smilie Stories'! :nice:

It doesn't have to be as long, or it can be shorter, if you want. And you can have as many characters as you like.


GO! :dance:

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Haha let's see:


:)-Into, The Pot (doesn't sound like a name but i love it)

:rolleyes3:-Mr. Owl (Into's Dad) there should be some smileys of animals

:gorgeous:-Mrs. Eraser (Into's Mom)

:evil:-Dinosaur (Bad Guy)

:mad:-Super Into (Superhero)


:):Omg, i've got to do something else.. i've been here for 3 days already!

:rolleyes3::What's goin on in here? have you finished paring the potatoes yet?

:gorgeous::Honey, we shouldnt be so strict with him just because he got the boot from 3 universities..

:rolleyes3::Into has to learn that life isn't easy

:): Dad i love you

:rolleyes3::Shut up asshole and call me when you've finished (leaves the room)

:gorgeous::Into, you know your father. he is always crazy about everything..btw, i called the army's university and they told me that you must go tomorrow to see if they accept you

:):what the fuck? i dont want to study i prefer paring potatoes.

:gorgeous::OK, so you can die here. (leaves)

:):i must escape! (tries to open the door), what?! this f**kin door was always open, well i'm hungry im going to the market


(arrives at the market)

:evil::Who are you kid?

:): I'm Into, The Pot

:evil::Youre crap.

:):i want some oranges please.

:evil::Muahaha (kicks Into)

:):Ouch! Please i'm very afraid of fighting

:evil:: (gives a punch directly to Into's eye)

:gossip:(people):Let's Call Super Into!

:mad::Argh.. somebody called mee?

:evil::They called u cause i'm a bad guy

:):Super whom?

:mad::Into ill save you! Argh.. (gives Dinosaur a Super-Intopunch)

:freak:(new Dinosaur's face):that hurt im sorry Into, but i will beat you some day!!!!!!!! (runs away)

:mad::Argh..bye i need a toilet..argh

:):I miss paring potatoes..



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:dozey: RICK8





:cool:: Hello Nancy

:dozey:: Hi Andrew, I hear rumours you're Qwerty

:cool:: :laugh3:....

:cool:: :blank:

:cool:: :smug2:

:cool:: :idea2: .....gtfo.

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