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Violet Hill... ummmm, I now like it... a lot...

- DAN -

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This is a pointless thread but I had to post it somewhere and it might as well be on a Coldplay forum...


When Violet Hill was released... I hated it, with a passion. But now, for some obscure reason... I LOVE IT! I'm not sure what has changed but VH, VLV, Lost? and ASARY are all awesome! Nobody needs to explain why this has happened so late, I guess it's just better late than never.


One Love

Peace Out

Word To Your mother

Dan x x x

a.k.a. your brother from another mother

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I really love Violet Hill, I find it quite anthemic, lol... About the radio not playing it, I know!!! Even Aussie's Triple J arent playing it, & theyre like our last remaining link to the free world of music, & the last time it was played was on a weekend lunch show.:stunned: I dont know why. Hot FM played it the other day, and that station seriously sucks. Conspiracy. Its all a conspiracy.

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