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best coldplay song yet


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Ahh I didn't notice you were from Liverpool hitcher lol.


World Turned Upside Down has been bugging me for ages becuase of the lyrics, which I keep going on about (sorry about that!) - http://www.coldplaying.com/forum/showthread.php?t=44042


They should play a one-off show some time where they only play B-Sides. For us hardcore fans that know all the words to all the B-Sides!

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me too mate, they are gonna sell out in seconds!!! it's only 10,000. I couldn't get tickets for the last coldplay gig at manchester MEN as it sold out so quick and MEN is bigger than the echo! I think i'm gonna have to rise from my pit nice and early on the day the tickets go on sale if I've got any chance of getting one :laugh3:

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I think the blessing is that as far as I know they're doing the M.E.N again and maybe Manchester Apollo, so if thats the case its not gonna be like the whole of the North West would have to go to the Liverpool gig, there would be three to choose from. Perhaps giving the locals like you and me a chance! I hope so anyways mate! They should do a gig at Anfield like they did at the Reebok on the X&Y tour which i was lucky enough to be at! Coldplay at Anfield would be heaven for me haha!

Anyways, I'd better scoot! Speak to you again man!

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The Scientist and talk have to be my favorites. The Scientist video is awesome but the Talk video is a bit trippin'. :P



But Viva la Vida and Lost are getting close to becoming my favorite.

Love ALL of the VLVODAIF lyrics so far.


(Also, Strawberry Swing and Lovers in Japan may blow everything out of the water ;))

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