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Suga pie, hunny bon, sweetie, puddin, cutie........

Oh HoNEy

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hmm those are SOME of the cutest/ cheesiet things you can say to a friend/ lova/ or one you adore............................ but why does it feel so damn good sayin it?? or hearing someone say it to you???



:oops: :oops: *hugs*


:lol: can you guys think of anymore nicknames??

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bitch!? :-o alright' date=' my exboyfriend called me sugar lips!! and no vinita you cant call me that, it'd freak me out!![/quote']



yah :roll: momo has an interesting idea bout ''lovey dovEy names to call your significant other...''bitch'' is just one of his pimpways ;) :lol:



:lol: dammmit!! cuz you read my mind :P l'll call you suga poster :lol:





















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