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Wallpaper of screen shots of iTunes commercial?


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Not sure if this is the correct place, but... Can anybody please make and post wallpapers of screenshots of the new Coldplay iTunes ad?:) I preferably would like the screenshot of the band towards the end right before it says "viva la vida coldplay" and the one where chris is singing "that was when I ruled the world" at the end, please. Thank you very much in advance to anyone with the skills to make this happen.;)

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Erm ok, so here's 4 of my attempts at making the shots wallpaper sized (width: 1280 pixels).

I used Photoshop to enlarge them, used a filter called "facet" to make the guys look sharper, and then attempted to smooth out all the other things like smoke and sparks, etc. I also added slightly more contrast to the pictures.


If you like what you see, I can make more. Just tell me which part you want me to make into a wallpaper, and hopefully I can do that for you :smiley:


Hmm they're a bit big, so open the spoiler (:dance:) to view them.










And by the way, I love your sig, Alyssa :D

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ooooh, pretty! *saves*

those are great! i think the chris one is going to replace the group one as my current wallpaper :nice:


question: if someone that has HD service has TiVo as well, would the saved TiVo file to a computer be in really nice HD? because i bet we could con someone into doing that if it worked :sneaky:


i just caught the commercial again on comedy central! :dance: somehow it's more special to catch it being broadcasted. my heart jumps a little when i see chris's face 37 inches tall and hear that song :heart:

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Oh man, it would be really great if someone could capture it in HD. It would really do the ad justice, PLUS we could get really great wallpapers out of it! Everyone wins! :dance:


Pity we don't have a HD tv... that would have been awesome to see.

Edit: No problem Lore! :nice:

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