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Best DVD-Rs?


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I need to burn a copy of a DVD I have for a friend. What are the best DVDs to use, i.e. what brand, best value for money etc?


I've heard some are 'double-sided' and you can get more on them - would they be best to use?

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Verbatim. Not the best price, but the discs are the best you can get in the consumer market. Double-sided discs aren't available to consumers as far as I'm aware. You may be thinking about Dual-layer which hold 8 gigabytes instead of 4 and , although nice, are rather new to consumers and your drive may not support burning to them. If you plan on buying duel-layer discs first check and see if your drive has a logo similar to this:




Hope I could help, and I also hope that you aren't embarrassed at the fact that you don't know as much about this stuff as an 11-year old. Signing off,



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i've always used these verbatim....they're a little expensive, but every once in a while best buy runs them 7.99 for 25 on sundays and i'll buy 100 of em....not only are they aesthetically awesome, but i've probably burned 200-300 times, and have had only a handful of misburns that can all be attributed to human error...like closing my laptop without thinking about it.


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