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What does each song transmit to you


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LIT- Alertness

COL- Heart pumping and total concentration and reflection

Lost- Motivation

42- Suspense and crazy thoughts

LIJ- Happyness (tears)

ROL- Calmness (pinch of boredom)

Yes- Memories and rebelness

CSC- Heart pumping

VLV- Happyness and motivation

VH- Agressivenes

SS- Funnyness

DAAHF- relate towards and lyrics (roller coaster from slow to fast)

TE- Listen to cd again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


General album- manipulates feelings more than a psycologist

(viva la vida has a lot of variety and outside influences like srgnt peppers lonely heart club band. it is best cd according to rolling stones. I think were listening to the second best cd of all time. Or maybe first)

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LIT - Celebration

COL - Discovery

Lost - I agree with motivation

42 - Flying? Soaring?

LIJ - Love

ROL - I agree with calm too

Yes - Self discovery

CSC - Rock and roll baby

VLV - Experiences of life

VH - Confrontation

SW - Jivelovegroovejoy

DAAHF - Peace, Celebration

TE - Reminisce


Haha i'm not sure if any of those are legitimate "transmissions" but i can tell you i put some real thought into them! :smug:

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LiT - we're back

COL - uncertainty and the supernatural

Lost - perserverance

42 - blessed assurance (i know where i'm going when i die)

LiJ - sittin on the beach with the one u love

RoL - new beginnings with the one u love

Yes - resisting temptation

CSC - go to sleep, but not yet!!! you'll miss the last few songs

VLV - i may be down, but i still have hope

VH - not sure, but DETERMINATION perhaps?

SS - drivin down the road enjoying life

DAAHF - i want to live the life God gave me, not follow death because of Christ i have conquered death

TE - we all want to escape, and that's what this music is for...press rewind, listen again!

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Strawberry Swing is the song that transmits me the most feelings... i feel like i'm walking in a beautiful city on a sunny day with my girlfriend and i'm just happy, that's the key, it just makes me feel happy...

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