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Greetings from LA


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Hello everyone! I'm new to this forum, but not to Coldplay. I was hooked when someone played Trouble for me back when Parachutes came out. A little about myself. I'm 24 and originally from South Carolina. I was a Theatre major and a Comm-Media Studies major at the College of Charleston. After graduation I took a job in Iowa, then went to DC for a little bit, then finally made the move to Los Angeles where I've been for the last year. LA is growing on me. While I hate to be an LA stereotype, I am an actor. As much of a cliche as that makes me in this city, I'm proud of what I do and more importantly, its what I love. I also just bought my first bass and am having fun learning to play it.


So yeah, thats my introduction. I'm looking forward to writing on here with everyone.





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Thanks for the welcome everyone!


Tracie, that's awesome that your bf works in "security". As you can guess, my time in Iowa and DC was campaign related. I can think of several agencies that your bf could work in, all of them get tremendous respect from me. So tell him I said thanks. Oh, and I'm still an amateur on the bass too, but I'm having fun and am getting better at it each day. I have no designs of putting a band together, I just like playing.

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