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How To "Beat The Cheat"


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As most of you already know, I finally SNAPPED last night and listened to my copy of the leak, but now that I've found Cemeteries Of London, I feel like I can treat it as a 'first single'. If you still want to save the album experience, try picking you favorite song and only listening to that like an advance single and save the rest for the release date. It's a good compromise for me, and I can wait to hear the rest again until I have it in my hands.


(Kinda like 'near beer' for Coldplayers,lol...but it's working for me!)

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I did that Tracie :D


I had Strawberry Swing for a bit and listened to it loads. Is the only one I downloaded. I love it :nice:


Problem was I kept listening and listening to so I've deleted it now so I don't kill it before the album comes out :D

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I just totally gave up and downloaded it, after I just posted that too :rolleyes:


All the negative reviews got to me and I wanted to see if it was as good/bad as everyone is saying it is.


...and???? what do you think!?


all the negative reviews are WRONG.


this album is simply BRILLIANT!


especially Cemeteries! :D

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